Local Announcements

Councilman Castillo Completes COVID-19 Course | June 22, 2020

At the June 15, 2020 Frio County Commissioners Court meeting, I urged all members of the Court and City Councils to take contract tracer certification training through John Hopkins University.  The investigative aspects of contact tracing are already performed by the State. However, training provides valuable information for how to manage COVID-19 from a place of education rather than fear.

A successful response to COVID-19 relies on speed. The more community leaders are able to answer basic questions about the virus, rather than shrugging their shoulders or repeating misconceptions, the better for all of Frio County.

The benefits of training include:

  • Establish a base of vocabulary and common knowledge for improved communication and planning among local elected officials
  • Understanding the complex and varied emotions of positive cases, as well as privacy and ethics
  • Allows officials to make informed decisions about how to manage facilities
  • Provides officials with information to provide timely advice to constituents
  • Strategizing how to refer resources to people who request them

I’d like to thank Dilley Councilman Everardo Castillo, Jr. who took the initiative to complete his certification this weekend. Between me, Commissioner Jose Asuncion, and Councilman Everardo Castillo, Jr., Precinct 4 now has two local officials positioning our area to press ahead.

For all Frio County residents with any questions about COVID-19, I cannot emphasize this enough: don’t hesitate to seek professional medical consultation or screening service if you have any questions about personal symptoms.

Thank you,


Jose Asuncion
Frio County Commissioner, Pct. 4