COVID-19 Numbers Updates

July 6, 2020 Covid-19 Numbers

July 6, 2020


8 New Cases
8 Recoveries

Note: The “new reports” or “aggregate” information is based solely on active/recovered/deaths numbers provided by Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to Frio County. There are no details (such as ZIP code and exposure source) because some of the cases have yet to be investigated. DSHS started providing the aggregate count as a quicker way for Frio County track trends.
The section below is based on DSHS 
completed investigations only.


July 4th
Zip Code: 78061
# of  “Investigated” Positive Cases: 10
Exposure Source: 3 Community Acquired, 2 GEO Employees, 4 Unable to Make Contact, 1 Close Contact
# of Older Cases Recovered: 4*
# of New Cases Recovered: 6*

*In a sign of the backlog of DSHS investigations, 6 of the completed investigations were received on the day the case was also considered “recovered,” even though recoveries take an average of two weeks from the test date. Incidentally, four of the “older cases” that were marked recovered had been first reported to Frio County as “active” the day before.

July 6th
Zip Code: 78061
# of  “Investigated” Positive Cases: 3
Exposure Source: 2 Community Acquired, 1 Close Contact
# of Older Cases Recovered: 4
# of New Cases Recovered: 1