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July 27, 2020 Covid-19 Numbers

July 27, 2020


8 New Resident Cases Added
Resident Active Increase: -5
Resident Recovered Increase: 13
Resident Deaths Increase: 0*

*While our nightly report from The Texas Department of Health and Human Services did not add any deaths to our total, their website added three, for a total of five in Frio County.
This update was added to the website:

“July 27: DSHS is now reporting COVID-19 fatality data based on death certificates. A fatality is counted as a COVID-19 fatality when the medical certifier attests on the death certificate that COVID-19 is a cause of death.

This change means fatalities may be counted sooner and demographic data will be more comprehensive. Also, fatalities can now be displayed by date of death, presenting a more complete view of deaths over time. Fatalities are reported by county of residence.”

Frio COVID Lifeline has been stringent regarding the use of resident data from the DSHS reports for the sake of consistency. However, if the nightly DSHS reports for Frio County do not eventually catch up to the DSHS website, we will consider changing our source of data.

Furthermore, the DSHS website shows only 13 active cases and 425 total cases, and offer no indication that their ICE and TDCJ numbers are separated in their totals.

Where do you get these numbers?
Monday-Friday at approximately 5pm, Region 8 of The Texas Department of Health and Human Services sends a report to the 28 counties in their jurisdiction. The Frio county resident numbers reported on this site each day are pulled directly from this report.

How is a resident reported as recovered?
As reported in a June 22nd post in a section called “reporting issues,” DSHS informed counties that they would move to a “time based strategy” for reporting recoveries, which means a patient’s status would be moved to “recovered” automatically after two weeks, for the purpose of the reporting.