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August 11, 2020 Covid-19 Numbers

August 11, 2020


2 New Resident Cases Added
Resident Active Increase: -44
Resident Recovered Increase: 46
Resident Deaths Increase: 0
6 New GEO Detainee Cases


Yesterday’s odd “unrecovering” of 33 cases in the Texas Department of State Health Services report resulting in a sudden increase of active cases was corrected today. 44 cases were moved from active back to recovered. The new totals are available on our front page dashboard.

HHSC Allows Limited Visitation at Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities

“The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has announced limited visitation rules for nursing and long-term care facilities. HHSC is also issuing enhanced emergency rules requiring additional actions by nursing facilities to mitigate to spread of COVID-19.

In nursing facilities, public visitation is limited to outdoor visits only. Physical contact between residents and visitors is not permitted. In addition there must not have been any confirmed COVID-19 cases in staff in the last 14 days and there can be no cases in residents, if the facility previously had an outbreak it must be adequately staffed and following adequate infection control procedures, and the facility must test its staff for COVID-19 weekly.

In long-term care facilities (except nursing facilities) limited indoor and outdoor visitation is allowed. As with nursing facilities, no physical contact between residents and visitors is allowed. Visitation is not allowed if there have been any COVID-19 positive staff in the last 14 days or if there are any active cases in residents. There must also be adequate staffing to facilitate visitation in compliance with infection control requirements. Plexiglass safety barriers are required for indoor visitation.

Emergency Rule Enhancements require that each facility have a COVID-19 response plan; that nursing facilities must screen all residents, staff and visitors; and that each facility must have plans for obtaining a two-week supply of PPE. The latest guidance is here.”   – Texas Department of State Health Services