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December 31, 2020 Covid-19 Numbers

Thursday December 31, 2020


19 New Resident Cases
7-Day Moving Average New Resident Cases: 12
Resident Active Increase: 8
Resident Recovered Increase: 11
Resident Deaths Increase: 0
0 New GEO Detainee Case
0 New CoreCivic Detainee Case
0 New TDCJ Briscoe Offender Cases

The Texas Department of State Health Services will be closed on Friday January 1st. The next DSHS report will be sent to Frio County on Monday January 4 at 5pm and will be posted to this site the next day.

For current resident COVID numbers as reported to Frio County by the Texas Department of State Health Services, visit:

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the numbers will TAKE time to stabilize after the Christmas break

On November 30th,  we published a breakdown of why the numbers would take time to stabilize after the Thanksgiving break. The Texas Department of State Health Services Region 8 was closed on Thursday and Friday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, mirroring the Thanksgiving holiday. With another DSHS holiday this week on New Year’s Day, there will again be a disruption in data.

——– Nov. 30: The Texas Department of State Health Services Region 8, who provides the daily residential COVID numbers, was closed Thursday November 26 and Friday November 27. 

From the COVID Tracking Project: “based on what we’ve seen over the last eight months of state-reported COVID-19 data, we think two big, potentially misleading things are about to happen to the testing, case, and death numbers that allow us to track the pandemic in the United States

First, by Thanksgiving Day and perhaps as early as Wednesday, all three metrics will flatten out or drop, probably for several days. This decrease will make it look like things are getting better at the national level. Then, in the week following the holiday, our test, case, and death numbers will spike, which will look like a confirmation that Thanksgiving is causing outbreaks to worsen. But neither of these expected movements in the data will necessarily mean anything about the state of the pandemic itself. Holidays, like weekends, cause testing and reporting to go down and then, a few days later, to “catch up.” So the data we see early next week will reflect not only actual increases in cases, test, and deaths, but also the potentially very large backlog from the holiday.” – Erin Kissane is a co-founder of the COVID Tracking Project, and the project’s managing editor. The full post is available here:

Updated quarantine guidance

In an effort to reduce personal burdens and increase community compliance, the Centers for Disease Control released new covid quarantine guidance. While any option to “shorten quarantine risks being less effective than the currently recommended 14-day quarantine,” shorter quarantines may increase willingness to adhere to public health recommendations.


covid-19 resource page

The following link lists the most common referrals we make to Frio County residents for services ranging from rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to nutrition programs to application assistance.

Each of these programs have waiting periods and eligibility requirements. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible.


prevent household spread

Household spread of Covid-19 will continue to be a primary driver of virus transmission in Frio County. Follow these steps as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to limit the risk: